Angel Conley, LPCC

Lexington & Telehealth

Each of us holds the unique power to live the life we have imagined. Challenging or traumatic life experiences often overshadow our authentic selves. We may feel stuck, lack motivation, or procrastinate. Irrational and self defeating thoughts segway to fear, anxiety, depression, excessive worry, and can even manifest in physical symptoms. When we live in this cycle too long it becomes our normal. We may recycle past trauma into present relationships and find harmful ways to cope; such as people pleasing, codependency and other addictive behaviors; not limited to substance abuse.It is possible to change. It is never too late to step onto the path you have envisioned. You can learn to control your thoughts. You can heal from past trauma. You can develop intrinsic motivation to take action and meet your goals.I offer an eclectic approach to therapy. I utilize various evidence based practices to best suit the needs of each individual. Wherever you are on your journey I would be honored to guide and support you toward personal empowerment. Your authentic self is waiting for you!

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