As a former journalist I have always considered it a privilege to hear people’s stories. As a therapist I consider it an honor to be part of my client’s mental health journey; empowering them to tell their life story and write the next chapter. I have a background in criminal justice and forensic psychology and interned with both the Lexington Public Defender’s Office as an investigator and the Commonwealth Attorney’s Office as a Victim’s Advocate. I have helped individuals and families navigate the criminal justice system, whether they are victims, offenders, or loved ones. Trauma is unique to each person and everyone’s trauma is valid and real. I am a safe place for you to process and move on with your trauma. I use various evidence-based practices to treat addiction, trauma, grief, anxiety, depression, and bipolar disorder. I work exclusively via Telehealth and can treat anyone in the State of Kentucky. Contact me so we can start on the next chapter of your story.

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