Life Happens: We Can Help

By Bonnie Whitis, Targeted Case Manager

Life happens. Crisis happens. The unexpected happens.

Sometimes it takes our eyes off the bigger picture. Sometimes these things halt or at least slow down our progress. Sometimes we get knocked down and get back up only to be knocked down again. And sometimes we are at a place where we can’t get back up at all. Does this sound familiar? Now let me tell you about a service that can help you focus on your goals by helping you deal with the hurdles in the way. It’s called Case Management.

Case management is a Medicaid program designed to help you with what life is throwing at you so you can make progress towards your goals. Maybe you have become unemployed and the bills are piling up. Case management can help by linking you to employment resources to ease the burden if you are in need of a job. Case management can help by linking you to the appropriate agencies to help you apply for unemployment. Maybe you have been injured or have health problems and can no longer work. Case management can help by linking you to doctors or specialists for your medical care. Case management can help by linking you to resources in your community to help with critical bills to secure your housing and keep your utilities on. Case management can help by linking you to appropriate agencies to apply for disability. Maybe you don’t have a car. Case management can provide linkages to public transportation services. Maybe the rental property you live in is unsafe or inadequate for your family or maybe the home you rent has been sold by the owners and you don’t have the security of housing for the future.

Case management can link you to housing in your community to fit your families needs. Maybe you struggle with budgeting. Case managers can link you educational materials and workshops. Maybe you struggle with finding childcare for your children or paying for childcare. Case management can link you to childcare options and programs that may help pay for it or a portion of it. Maybe you want to go back to school but don’t know where to start. Case management can help by linking you to options for schools and financial aid. Maybe you want to your GED. Case management can help link you to study materials and GED centers. Maybe you are hungry or homeless. Case managers can help by linking you to food resources in your community as well as shelters until housing can be obtained. Maybe you have a legal history that prevents finding employment. Case management can help link you to expungements clinics. Maybe you need help with a legal matter. Case management can help link you to organizations that help with those matters. Case management can help by advocating for you. Case management can help by being an additional support system.

This is just some of the scenarios case management can help with. In a nutshell, case managers have a library of resources for different needs and provide these linkages to you. You in turn follow up with the linkages provided. Medicaid covers case management services and there is no cost to you. Schedule an appointment today to meet a case manager and discuss your needs.

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