Crystal Morgan


Have you ever felt lost or empty in your life? Do you feel like you could be fulfilled but you don't know how to get there? Are you going through a transition in your life and need reassurance or guidance from a non-judgmental place? If so, now is a good time to reach out and explore your own inner strength to make life feel whole again. I work with individuals from all ages, couples in different stages of their relationship, and children who are trying to find their own identity in this world.

I always start where you are the moment we meet. Together, we can develop and build skills to improve different aspects of your life. I utilize Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to understand anxiety and the automatic thoughts we all have in our life. I utilize a solution-focused approach that way you can feel like you are getting the results you want.

I have experienced life's uncertainties as well: Been married and divorced; Started a career later in life; learned boundaries; self-esteem/body image issues. I have grown from this and continue to learn who I am in the process. This is what I also want for my clients: growth and strength from within. We are not seeking perfection, just acceptance of self.

Crystal Morgan
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