Jacqueline Russell


Life is mysterious and hard all at the same time. Relationships with others can sometimes create confusion within oneself. The relationship with yourself is the one you have been in the longest and that is the one that should receive the most care. Things happen in life and our experiences help shape how we proceed ahead. Counseling is an amazing opportunity to reassess yourself and continue back on the path of life confidently and with inner peace. Each person has the capacity to be the expert on themselves; however, sometimes an extra set of eyes is needed to make sure the system is running smoothly.

I take great joy in the ability to help you discover what works best for you in a world of mixed messages. I am a Licensed Professional Clinical Associate (LPCA) and a certified personality provider. I utilize my knowledge of the human nature of personality and patterns to unlock what helps energize your life and what is potentially draining.

I am a divorced mother with two amazing children. I grew up in Connecticut and I am Italian-American. I have lived in Kentucky for over 13 years and consider here my home. I graduated with Bachelors from UK and my graduate degree from University of the Cumberlands. I will work with individuals of all ages, couples, and even families.

Jacqueline Russell
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