Katie Skeen Morris

Marriage & Family Therapy Associate

I work with families, couples, adolescents, and children ages 3 and up. I am in the process of becoming certified in Child-centered Play Therapy, Relationship Enhancement Therapy, Gottman Couples Therapy, and Trauma-Informed Practices. I am not limited to these models and will use what is most beneficial to my clients. My ideal client(s) will have some idea of what they hope to get out of therapy and be open to sharing their experiences with me so that I can understand their experiences and help them reach their treatment goals.

I am a Collaborative Therapist. That means that my job as your therapist is to walk with you through your struggles. You are the expert of your life, your experiences, and even the solutions to your problems. My job is to help you uncover those solutions, work through those problems, enhance your life and improve your relationships.

Our world can feel cruel and complicated. It can feel like you're all alone in it, but you're not and you no longer have to feel that way. If you're struggling with any facet of your life, I invite you to contact me and see if you think I'd be a good fit for you. If I am, that's great. If I'm not, I'm happy to help you find someone who is!

Katie Skeen Morris
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