Tracey Caudell


I have experience in working with various populations including, adults, (men and women) in addiction, residential and intensive out patient. I also have experience working with Autism, low IQ, special needs, ADHD, trauma, sexual abuse, behavioral issues and various traumatic brain injuries. Lastly, I have experience with PTSD, ADHD, Anxiety, Depression, ODD, OCD, other mental health issues, LGBT and diverse cultural backgrounds.

I think that the clinician and client treatment is a team effort. I offer empathy, respect, non judgement and honesty in an open safe environment, so a client is able to express ones emotions. I also think that clients should be prepared to hear what they need to and not what they want to, in order to be able to address real issues. I give homework for clients to work on, if deemed necessary, or to offer a chance to reflect and work on oneself outside of the session.

I use CBT, MI, Solution Focussed, goal focussed, client centered. I look at the client holistically.

Tracey Caudell
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